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pneumophagia is a sidescrolling horror game being developed by BOO RADLEY Ltd. and yes I just made that company name up as I was writing this.

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UNNAMED PROTAGONIST is trying to stop UNNAMED ANTAGONIST from doing some sort of necromancy shenanigans, since that kind of involves using his wife since she has PLOT DEVICE in her blood. To show UNNAMED PROTAGONIST how powerful his wizard powers are, UNNAMED ANTAGONIST kills UNNAMED PROTAGONIST, thinking the blood he put into the air will prevent him from dying. Unfortunately, UNNAMED PROTAGONIST ends up dying anyway. But he manages to come back as a spirit-type being, and THUS YOUR STORY BEGINS (he has to save his wife and stop the antagonist if you didn’t get that).

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Alpha Screenshot


a screenshot to illustrate the game's lighting engine, mostly. none of the graphics are final, and the light engine is going to be improved a bit, too.

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